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TAG Necklace


Explore cosmic dimensions with our radiant TAG charm, exuding a comforting ethereal aura. Paired with a necklace chain, available in two sizes for a personalized touch.

Height: 2.6 cm
Width: 1.4 cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver + Protective Rhodium Plating

Length: 46 cm / 70 cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver + Protective Rhodium Plating

In our cosmic lab, algorithmic designs are computed and then 3D printed. Laser-guided precision sculpts each layer, then synthetic and human intelligence converge to achieve perfection. Post-processing adds plating, polish, and lab-grown gemstones, culminating in artefact fit for distant dimensions. Each piece is created just for you, visionary creature.

We craft our pieces from the finest materials: 925 sterling silver or 18K-gold vermeil. To ensure enduring beauty, we fortify them with a resilient shield of Rhodium, guarding against scratches and tarnish, preserving their brilliance for the times to come.

In our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, our gemstones are exclusively high-end lab-grown. These gems offer eco-conscious elegance without compromise. Chemically identical to their natural counterparts, they provide a harmonious fusion of luxury and responsibility.

Forged amidst celestial inspiration, our creations transcends the ordinary. Utilising advanced methods, each piece is meticulously crafted on-demand, minimising waste. Harnessing the ethereal power of 3D printing, we sculpt with precision, extracting only the essence required, thereby reducing material excess.

Our packaging reflects a commitment to lasting quality, built to withstand time and encourage reuse, promoting sustainability across dimensions. 

You have the option to return any item, with the exception of custom or engraved products, within 14 days.

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