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How to use the NonX Wedding Ring Designer.

To begin, select your ring size.

If you are unsure about your ring size, here are some tips on how to find yours.

Select your ring shape and profile.

You can choose between many options for a truly unique design.

This is the most fun part. Design your ring!

Use the sliders to design the different features of your ring. See how it changes in real-time.

You have the option to add complimentary engraving to your design.

We offer a variety of different materials, ranging from precious to semi precious. Check out our complete set of materials here.

Sample Material: Do you want to physically check out your ring before committing to a design? Try our 'Sample Material' option. We will 3D print and deliver your ring in a sample material. If you are happy with it, you can then order it in your preferred final material.

Get a sense of how your design will look on the hand!

Please note that this is just a model and any spacing which might be visible between ring and finger is just an approximation and it won't affect your final fit.