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What is 3D Printing and Why do we use it?

In recent years the introduction of 3D printing technology has revolutionised the jewellery world. We chose to manufacture your Gemme creations this way because it has a number of major advantages. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Faster & more efficient manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing techniques require the manual creation of a mould, used for the lost wax casting process. Instead, 3D printing allows us to directly print out the wax model. Thanks to this innovation, complicated manual steps can be skipped and the development of wax models is accelerated. Going from design to production becomes easier and faster. 

Design freedom and customisation made easy

3D printing allows us, and you, to create designs that would have been unbelievably hard to manufacture in the traditional way. With 3D printing we can deliver custom, precisely-sized and detailed pieces. Thus finally empowering you for total design freedom.

Kinder to the environment

3D printed jewellery is also a more sustainable product, as less material and labour is required for its manufacturing and non-consumed materials can be easily re-used and recycled. Finally, as it is mainly produced on-demand, stock waste doesn't occur.